Introduction to Arduino – Session 3

Here are the slides for Session 3.

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Introduction to Arduino – Session 2

Those who had driver issues may download it from here

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Intro to Arduino: The basics

The class for Introduction to Microprocessors/Microcontroller using Arduino started on the March 21. The course introduces basic concepts of analog and digital electronics. The basics of Microprocessors/Microcontroller programing will be taught. Arduino, an 8-bit microcontroller will be used to learn and explore concepts of digital control and data acquisition. The list of topics include:

1. March 21: Basics of electronics, Analog and Digital. Lecture Slides

2.March 28 : Basic of programing.

3.April 4: Programing electrical drives and control

4.April 11: Data acquisition

5.April 18: Feedback control implementation

6.April 25: Project and demonstration
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Attaching color sensors to your EV3 robot

We coached over 10 teams combined for First Lego League and Junior FLL and were judges in various competitions including State Finals and had the opportunity to observe many teams and the various ways they use various sensors. One thing that kept coming up again and again was how and where to attach the color sensors to the robot. For a FLL robot, it is a near requisite to use two color sensors. The two color sensors are needed for:

  1. Line/Edge following (one color sensor tracks the edge)
  2. Stopping when the line ends (second color sensor stops at the T junction found at the end of all the lines)
  3. Line Squaring: In many cases, when the robot is coming towards a line, because of mechanical drifts, it is not likely to end up on the exact same place on the line all the time. Thus, the robot needs to calibrate itself with regards to the line. The process of turning and making itself exactly 90 degrees to the line is called Line Squaring. This is an advanced technique and is possible reliably ONLY if you have two color sensors.


The color sensors are best positioned when they are about 3 pennies stacked from the ground and completely level with the ground. The color sensors should be about 1 inch apart i.e. just slightly wider than the thickness of the line on the FLL mats. Additionally, it is important that you position  your color sensors as close to the front and slightly under the body of the robot to avoid interference from external light. Here is something critical about the color sensor: The color sensors GENERATE all the light they need to measure the reflected light intensity or the color. So, in an ideal case, you should shroud them in such a way as to completely douse any external light. Use the Lego angular beams (Design ID: 32526) to create a shield around the sensors.

Build instructions:

PDF instructions ColorSensorAssembly



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New App: Cat and the pumpkin

We have been busy cranking up a new application for kids. It has taken a lot of time and patience, but we are now proud to present our new series of children’s books “Adventures of the Cat.” The first in this series is the “Cat and the Pumpkin” story. We are really happy with the work. The story is unique and fun for kids. The quality of the illustrations and the voice over are both superb.

This app has been released as a Universal Application. Means, you buy it once and it will work on your iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.

We hope you enjoy them. We certainly did!

You can get this application here:

We are giving away 50 coupon codes to anyone wanting to review or rate this application. Fill out the request below and click “Request Coupon Code” to request a FREE coupon code. Once you have a coupon code, see the instructions on the following page to redeem your coupon code: How to redeem a Coupon code

Just know that we hate spam as much as you do. We will never sell, give out or in any ways make your email address available to anyone else. This is only to notify you when you can get new free coupon codes. If you don’t want to receive mail, just let us know and we will take you off our list!

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Updates on the way!

We have just released updates to “MathQuiz with Solutions”  and “Solve It!” Right now they are going through Apple’s review process and should be in your hands, er, your iPhone/iPod/iPads soon!

We have worked pretty hard to make these updates and they contain many usability and pretty UI updates.

Hope you like them!!

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Two new applications released

We are proud to announce that we  have released two more applications:

  • Solve It! for iPad: This application is open at the Grand Opening of the iPad store. solveit It guides kids step by step in learning basic math i.e. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. It supports two digit operations and teaches kids to use carry and solving problems in an intuitive manner.
  • Catch’ em All: This application is live on the iPhone AppStore. This is for very young kids (ages 1-3) who are learning counting up to 100.   apple-basket-logo-57x57 It teaches them counting using a fun game where they have to catch apples falling from a tree. This is a kid proof application with simple finger control of the basket under the tree.
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