Satkriti is a leader in Child education and innovation. We stand by our motto of “Because learning should be fun” and we believe that early education should prepare children for becoming inventors. Our educational tools and products foster curiosity in children and prepare them to defy the limits of possible.


At Satkriti, we believe that every child has the potential to be an inventor. Getting your child interested into Robotics at an early age will build a competitive edge and love for Science.

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Fostering Curiosity

We have a team of educators at our hand who firmly believe that the foundations of a successful life starts with a curious mind. Curiosity can be fostered very early on in childhood by providing […]


Education is a key aspiration of ours. Today technology is prevalent and it is easy to lose focus that technology is not all their for entertainment. It is a growing aspect of our society. Embracing […]


We build a line of educational apps for kids.



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We offer robotics classes in Texas and Washington

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